Budget & Finance

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The Town of Davie's Budget and Finance Department (Finance Department) is responsible for a wide array of Town functions. The Finance Department encompasses Utilities Customer Service, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Budgeting, and General Accounting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Budget and Finance Department is to develop and implement policies, to enhance and safeguard the Town’s financial resources, and to provide accurate and timely financial information to the public, Town Council, outside agencies, and other Town staff.


  • Improve communication, cooperation and coordination (three Cs)
  • Recommend technology enhancements
  • Attract and retain highly skilled individuals
  • Document, analyze and improve work flow
  • Proactive in Town Policy and decisions


  • Continued professional education and training
  • Provide effective and efficient use of staff and Town resources
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Provide an attractive work environment
  • Knowledge and involvement of Town policy and decisions

List of Awards

GFOA FY 2023 Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Distinguished Budget Award for FY 2023

National Procurement Institute (NPI), FAPPO Award For Excellence In Public Procurement and NIGP Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement Award

National Procurement Institute (NPI), FAPPO Award for Excellence in Public Procurement,  And NIGP Ac

GFOA FY 2022 Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting

ACFR Certificate