Town of Davie Facts

Category Statistic
Population* 106,984
Square Miles
Operating Millage Rate
Voter-Approved Debt Service Millage Rate
Property Tax Base
$ 11,278,494,121 (2021)
*Information submitted from April 1, 2022, BEBR report.


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About the Community

The Town's diversified economic base combined with a low rate of taxation work to create a healthy local economy. The Town of Davie is a warm, close-knit community with a rich heritage and many connections to the past. The Town is fortunate to draw from its pioneer families the history of the area and the stories of those who first helped to develop the Town. Over a century ago, Davie was known as Zona and was a vast agricultural land that struggled to support its community. Today, the Town of Davie is a dynamic and unique community located in the heart of one of the state’s highest-growth areas.    

With its hometown ambiance and emphasis on quality of life, Davie truly stands out as a unique and special place.

Updated: October 3, 2022