The Town of Davie Strategic Plan

The 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan represents a working guide for the Town Council, management, and Town staff to operationalize each goal through the development of objectives and timetables for completion. The 2019-2023 Strategic Plan was recently updated. The new plan is more concise, however, it is still robust in direction, understanding and measurability. The plan takes a town-wide look at goals, key performance indicators, and implementation plans built around the existing mission statement and priorities, showing how the Town works together as a team.

Mission, Purpose & Values of the Town of Davie

Strategic Priorities

  1. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Dedication to Excellence in Service Delivery.
  3. Respecting and Promoting Diverse and Sustainable Community and Neighborhood Values with Consideration of Our Historic Roots.
  4. Creating an Environment that is Conducive to Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration.
  5. Nurturing the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the Community.

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Strat Plan Annual Report 2021