SRT Medics

SRT MedicAll Davie Fire Rescue firefighters have access to ballistic protective equipment in compliance with NFPA 3000 – Standard for Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response. This level of protection allows our firefighters to more safety respond to hostile calls and treat victims of violence. Additionally, Davie Fire Rescue has provided tactical care training to all of Davie Police Officers, who are equipped with Stop the Bleed equipment. The Town also recognized the increasing threat of active shooting / hostile events and created a Special Response Team Medic program in 2018. This program equipped four firefighter/paramedics with additional protection gear and training with Davie PD. The highly-trained team is attached to the Davie PD Special Response Team, conducting frequent training and responding to call-outs and planned events. This program provides additional protection to the citizens, employees, and visitors to the Town of Davie.

SRT medics are equipped and trained to provide emergency medical care in a tactical environment, where delivery of emergency medical care to injured or sick civilians and police officers is often delayed because medical personnel are usually not equipped to operate under “hot zones” in hostile conditions. SRT medics give the fire-rescue and police departments the ability to rapidly provide life-saving service to sick or injured persons in areas otherwise not accessible to traditional paramedics.


Davie Fire Rescue SRT Medics

  • Provide a medical response to the sick and injured within the tactical arena
  • Individualize medical response to SRT team members by catering to specific medical conditions of individual officers
  • Enhance tactical mission accomplishment by assisting in extrication and taking over medical emergency management, thereby freeing up SWAT officers to return to the primary objective
  • Facilitate a professional partnership between the police and fire-rescue departments
  • Reduce death, injury and illness among SRT officers, victims and suspects

SRT Medic