Private Duty Details

Private Duty Details are staffed with spare fire rescue vehicles, based on availability. If a spare vehicle is not available the day of the detail, due to other emergency vehicles being out of service, we will not be able to attend your detail and you will be notified as soon as this is known. Typically, we will know a day (24 hours) prior, but there is always a chance the morning of your detail that multiple vehicles need to be replaced for emergency service. The contact person will be notified that we cannot attend the event. Fire Rescue personnel are scheduled on duty 30 minutes prior to your event so they can check out their vehicle and arrive at your detail location in time for your event.


The Davie Fire Rescue Department is not obligated to provide Private Duty Details. The Fire Chief reservesthe right to decline a detail request for any reason. Every reasonable effort will be made to fill the detail request, but there is no guarantee it will be filled.

  • It is understood that, notwithstanding the fact that the applicant will reimburse the Davie Fire Rescue Department for the services rendered. The applicant is restricted to the general assignment of duties to be performed and has no authority over the Fire Rescue employees.
  • If the requested detail is for a party or similar celebratory or special event (indoor/outdoor), please be aware that the Town of Davie Code of Ordinances may include certain restrictions such as special event permit requirements, hours of operation and noise regulations [Chapter 15].
  • The Fire Chief has statutory authority to require a specific number of Fire Rescue units (Fire Suppression Engines, Aerials, and Advance Life Support Paramedic Rescues) based on the type of event, expected attendance, or any other circumstance. This determination of services required is not negotiable and the vendor/applicant will be required to adhere to the decision of the Fire Chief. The Final determination will be noted on this sheet in the “No. Unit(s) Determined by Fire Chief /Designee” and a copy given back to the applicant for final written approval.
  • When a Private Duty Detail requires at least three (3) Fire Rescue units of any combination, a Fire Rescue Command Officer (Battalion Chief/Acting Battalion Chief), shall be required to supervise all operations at the detail and act as the Fire Rescue Incident Commander.

It is further understood by all parties that, Fire Rescue employees who take action that falls within the scope of the detail requirements and their scope of practice, that the applicant shall be continuously billed until the completion of such action if it exceeds the original ending time.


All Private Duty Detail requests shall have a minimum of three (3) hours billed, per person.

Personnel reporting time is 30 mins prior to the start of your event. This is so they can pick up the unit and beat your event at your starting time. This reporting time is added to your requested time.

An invoice will be sent after the completion of the detail or at the end of the month. In some cases, the applicant may be required to pay in advance at the discretion of the Fire Chief. Payment is due upon receipt or a 15%late fee will be added if not received within 15 days of the invoice date, and shall be made payable to the “Town of Davie.”


Detail request cancellations must be made in writing, and must be received during normal business hours. Cancellations made with less than twenty-four (24) hour notice or upon the arrival of Fire Rescue unit(s) will result in a minimum charge of three (3) hours billed, per person.


All parties agree that the Davie Fire Rescue Department may amend the terms and conditions of this agreement with written notice of the changed terms.

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