Department Apparatus

Engine 68

Suppression Unit

Emergency One Typhoon Engine 1,250 GPM Hale Pump.  1,000 Gallon Water Tank, Two 2,000kw Portable Honda Generator, Genesis Rescue Tool and 1,000 ft. of 5 inch Hose

Rescue 65

Rescue Unit

AEV International Navistar 4300 Trauma Hawk Rescue Transport Vehicle

Platform Truck

Platform Unit

100 Ft. Ladder Height, 1,000 Ft. of 5 Inch Hose, 2,000 GPM Hale Pump, 300 Gallon Water Tank, 10kw Smart Power Hydraulic Generator and Genesis Rescue Tool

Ladder Truck

Ladder Truck

Emergency One Cyclone - Side Stacker HR100 Ladder, Single Axle, 100ft. Ladder Height, 400 Ft. of 5 Inch Hose, 1500 GPM Hale Pump, 300 Gallon Water Tank, Two 2000kw portable Honda Generators, Genesis Battery Combi-tool.

1702 - Air Light Truck

Special Operations Air/Light Truck

Ferrara Intruder Air/Light & Special Operations Unit 20KW PTO Generator; Six Bottle 6,000 PSI DOT Cascade System Capable of Filling over 70 SCBA Bottles; Storage for 53 SCBA Bottles, 200V Light Town Capable of 15,000 Lumens, Heavy Rescue Genesis Extrication Tool System Multiple Hose Reels for Supplying Air; Electric and Hydraulics; Paratech Rescue Shore System; and Rope Rescue

Battalion 65

Command Vehicles

Ford F250 Command Vehicle