Community Provider

Community Provider

Nana Vega

(954) 797-1842

[email protected]


Community Paramedicine is a recognized, effective approach and solution that offers guidance, quality care and preventative services to its residents.

The goal of this program is for our Town residents to become more independent from the emergency system and instead, be able to rely on current available resources.

There currently is no fee associated with these services.

Program Objective

To reduce the use of high-system 911/ER utilizers, reduce hospital admissions of enrolled participants, and increase access to resources and medical care services that can most appropriately meet the needs of the patient.


Our Community Provider is trained to deliver quality healthcare in our community and patients homes. By working with available resources to address concerns related to:

      • Child sleep safety/ car safety measures
      • Fall prevention and home safety
      • Free Amplified phones.
      • Healthy parenting
      • Homeless outreach.
      • Issues with Medical equipment 
      • Medication education
      • Mental health / substance use disorder
      • Social Services, including housing, transportation, clothing meals, and other necessities
      • Safe bicycle riding
      • The use of Telehealth
      • Water safety . drowning prevention