EMS Training

EMS TrainingThe role of Davie Fire Rescue has evolved over the years to encompass far more than traditional fire suppression training or basic life support training. As the scope of what it means to be a firefighter for Davie Fire Rescue has expanded with the addition of providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the necessity for training within the Department has grown. Untrained firefighter/ paramedics responding to emergencies can be unsafe, dangerous, and inefficient.

While Davie Fire Rescue is iEMS Training 2nfluenced by various factors, including the size, geographic location, and population served, it is essential that all our members responding to emergencies be trained to safely and effectively carry out the mission of the department. Training helps to reinforce proper techniques and practices and leads to better decision making on the job. Not only is the on- scene firefighter/paramedic safer when properly trained, but the department as a whole benefit by improved operations, better patient care, positive public relations, and higher morale.

It is the mission of Davie Fire Rescue and its Training Division to provide the training necessary to its members in order to provide the very best service for the Town of Davie and its citizens. This is accomplished by providing various techniques, delivery styles and avenues through Company Officer training, training provided by a qualified instructor (facility) training, guest speakers and computer-based training.