Private Lift Stations

The Town of Davie in 2023 will be permitting all private lift stations (or private collection systems) connected to the Town of Davie Sewer System.  For information regarding this permit requirement please refer to Chapter 25 of the Town’s code of Ordinance, Section 25-97 changes. 

Town of Davie Private Lift Station Requisites:

  • Owners and/or Management Companies are responsible for the operation and maintenance of private lift stations connected to the Town of Davie Sewer System.
  • Owners shall provide necessary permits and documents delineating the private collection system (i.e., as-builts).
  • Spill Control Plan (SCP) must include contingency plans addressing and remediating sewage spills caused by, but not limited to, line failure, line collapse, line obstruction, surcharges, power failure and/or mechanical failure.   The SCP must be provided with application and made available upon inspections, etc.
  • 12 months of maintenance record must be kept at private lift station or at the Owner/Management office, readably accessible for inspection. 
  • The private lift stations must have a twenty-four (24) hour per day emergency service contract; must be displayed on the Lifts Station premises. 
  • The private lift stations must have a renewed agreement to minimize infiltration/inflow.
  • All required work shall be conducted by a State of Florida or Broward County Master Plumber Certificate, State certified wastewater personnel.
  • Annual permitting fee of $300.