Water Safety Initiatives

In the Town of Davie, we firmly believe that drowning can be prevented. We are dedicated to ensuring Water Safety remains a top priority, recognizing its essential role in protecting both our residents and guests from unintentional drownings. Emphasizing the importance of water safety is critical in avoiding accidents, injuries, and devastating fatalities. By understanding and adhering to safety guidelines, staying vigilant about potential risks, and utilizing proper swimming techniques and safety equipment, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of these unfortunate incidents. At Davie, the well-being of our community is paramount, and we strive to create a secure aquatic environment where everyone can enjoy their time safely and responsibly.

To comply with the necessary Water Safety standards, it is crucial to be familiar with the following regulations: 

Florida Building Code 454. This code, outlined in Chapter 4 of the Florida Building Code, specifies special detailed requirements based on occupancy and use. In particular, section 454. addresses residential pool barriers and safety measures.

(Link: https://codes.iccsafe.org/s/FLBC2020P1/chapter-4-special-detailed-requirements-based-on-occupancy-and-use/FLBC2020P1-Ch04-Sec454.

  • Florida Statute 515.27: This statute is a crucial legal reference for residential pool safety regulations in Florida. It provides essential guidelines and requirements for pool barriers, which are essential for preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of residents.

(Link: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0500-0599/0515/Sections/0515.27.html)

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To further emphasize the significance of water safety, the Town of Davie actively promotes water safety initiatives to prevent accidents, injuries, and loss of lives. By raising awareness about potential risks and encouraging the adoption of proper swimming techniques and safety equipment, the town aims to create enjoyable aquatic experiences for its residents while prioritizing their safety.

For additional resources and information on water safety, residents can contact the Town of Davie Aquatics Division at (954) 327-3926 and Water Smart Broward, Drowning Prevention at (954) 847-8017