Public Art

The Town of Davie adopted a Public Art Master Plan in 2022 that will serve as a guide for the creation and operation of the Town’s Public Art Program which is intended to serve the needs of Town residents, businesses, and visitors alike. The Town Public Art Program can be expected to foster pride in thecommunity, create a sense of shared history and values, increase property values, and provide other economic opportunities. In addition, artworks created through the community's efforts will create a legacy for future generations to enjoy and carry forward. 

Town of Davie Public Art Map

Find Public Art in the Town of Davie by clicking in the link above.

Public Art Advisory Committee

The Public Art Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the formulation of public art policies, the selection of artists and artworks for Town public art initiatives, and policies relating to maintenance and preservation of public art.  Find out more about the commitee by clicking the link above.