Little Country Estates Drainage Improvements Project

Current Status: The project began May 8, 2023 and drainage pipe and structures have been installed along SW 16th Street, SW 115th Street north of SW 20th Street, SW 116th and SW 117th Avenues north of SW 17th Court, and SW 17th Court between SW 116th Avenue to the N-20 Canal. The project completion date remains October 2024. 

The presentation made at the April 20, 2023, community meeting as well as the Phased Plans are now available for viewing:

Background Information

The Town of Davie is following through on its commitments to improve and make stormwater improvements throughout the community. As such, the Town of Davie has allocated approximately $6 million dollars (American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and State Appropriation) to complete the drainage improvements for the Little Country Estates neighborhood.

The community is located west of Hiatus Road, east of SW 118th Avenue/N-20 canal, south of SW 14th Place, and north of SW 22nd Court. For many years, this area has experienced significant flooding from rain events. The roadway swales are not well defined and are not continuous, therefore the rainfall-runoff accumulates in the low areas of the road. In addition to the roadway's low elevations, the roadway grading (longitudinal and cross slopes) is not well defined, contributing to the flooding issues. This project will work to address the inefficiencies of the existing drainage system. 

 The project will consist of the construction of a new stormwater collection system to improve the recurring flooding issues within the project area. The storm drainage facility improvements includLittle Country Estates Project Boundary Lines Opens in new windowes the installation of catch basins, manholes, pipes, skimmers, check valves, flapgates, upsize existing pipes to increase the system capacity and reduce flooding, install flap gates to prevent backflow from the canals and regrade roadway swales. In addition, it will include driveway restoration, milling, and resurfacing, pavement restoration, etc. 

Update: September 28, 2023