Park Rules and Guidelines

  • Alcoholic beverages strictly prohibited.  

  • Balloons not permitted in outdoor areas of Town parks or facilities.

  • Bounce houses or any other amusement or entertainment, are only permitted during a shelter or facility rental, and must be previously approved and on the Department’s approved vendor list.

  • Privately owned bounce houses, waterslides, and amusement apparatus are not permitted unless they are approved by the Department Director or designee.

  • Dogs permitted in all parks. Dogs shall be on a leash, maximum of six feet in length, at all times.

  • Pets are not permitted inside playground areas, sports fields or courts.

  • Swimming is prohibited in all park lakes or canals.

  • Driving any unlicensed or unregistered motorized vehicle including, but not limited to, ATVs, golf carts, and dirt bikes are prohibited in Town parks or recreational/horse trails.

  • Operate and park vehicles in designated parking areas only.

  • Overnight parking is prohibited.

  • Organized team practice, instruction, training or classes are not permitted without Town of Davie approval.

  • Only portable charcoal grills are allowed.  All charcoal must be disposed of properly.

  • Smoking permitted in parking areas only.

  • All commercial photography/filming is prohibited without a film permit.

  • Soliciting or vending not allowed without prior approval.

  • Amplified music (portable speakers, amplifiers, etc.) is prohibited on sports fields and courts. Amplified sound is permitted in other areas but must be maintained at an acceptable volume, cannot contain explicit language, and must be kept at an appropriate sound level based on the discretion of Town of Davie Staff.

  • All notices, prohibitions, and directions on any park signage must be adhered to.

  • Defacing, destroying, altering, or otherwise vandalizing any park property, including, but not limited to, buildings, fixtures, grounds, signs, plants, trees, or other structures is prohibited.

  • Removing, destroying, mutilating, or in any manner altering any landscape, including, but not limited to, lawns, shrubs, plants, flowers, sand, soil, or a designated habitat area is prohibited.

  • Capturing, annoying, feeding, or disturbing any animal, wildlife, waterfowl, or living thing, or abandoning any animal, domestic or wild, on any park property is prohibited.

  • Willfully digging, cutting, moving or removing any sand, wood, turf, grass, gravel, shrub, or other material, or any excavation by hand, tool, equipment, blasting or other means is prohibited.

  • Driving any nail, staple or fasteners to any tree or plant is prohibited.

  • Willfully climbing, sitting, standing or walking upon trees, monuments, fountains, railings, fences, or like property is prohibited.

  • No person in a park shall take part in the activities or games involving thrown or otherwise propelled objects such as stones, arrows, golf balls, javelins, etc.

  • Drones are permitted as long as FAA rules and regulations are followed.

  • No person shall discharge any fireworks including sparklers in any Town park or facility.

Rules Applicable to Wolf Lake and Silver Lake Park Only

  • Horse and rider allowed in water up to horse’s belly.

  • Boating permitted with electrical motor only.

Rules Applicable to Sunny Lake Bird Sanctuary Only

  • Only non-motorized boats allowed.

  • Fishing permitted on the west side of the fountains only.

Rules Applicable to Peaceful Ridge Park

  • Dogs must remain on the leash while outside dog park area.