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Last Updated 11/14/23

CRA Resources

Microphone Opens in new windowLet's Talk Business Program

The “Let’s Talk Business” program is a promotional segment of the Town Council/CRA Board Meetings that gives local business owners the opportunity to share the story of their business!

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Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

SBDCThe Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC), at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) partners with the Town, which includes the CRA’s redevelopment area, to provide direct assistance to small businesses. Their services includes over 13 areas of counseling relating to business/strategic planning, access to capital and loans, marketing and advertising, and other miscellaneous forms of support.

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CRA Incentives

The CRA offers ways to offset development costs and promote redevelopment efforts through the use of incentives. Below are the incentives currently offered by the Davie CRA:

wrenchCommercial Property Improvement Program Grant (CPIPG)

A reimbursement grant created to promote the rehabilitation and revitalization of existing commercial, office, and/or multifamily residential rental units including:

  • The Major Grant offers one dollar for every three dollars spent on eligible hard construction costs for a maximum award of $100,000.
  • The Minor Grant offers one dollar for every two dollars spent of eligible hard construction costs for a maximum of $10,000.

road iconsImpact Fees

The CRA can offer to pay the required impact fees generated at the start of a new construction project. These fees pay for the increase of services anticipated by the proposed development.

treeLand Donations & Price Reductions

The CRA can offer to donate land or acquire and resell land at a reduced price to help offset development costs.

moneyTax Increment Financing Incentives

The funds from the incremental tax generated yearly, after a new development has been constructed, can be leveraged by the CRA as a redevelopment incentive for developers.

Ihousingnclusionary Housing

The CRA can contribute towards the Affordable Housing Trust Fund for new developments providing over 100 units that opt to pay in lieu of providing affordable housing units.

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