Vice Mayor Marlon Luis

Marlon Luis portrait


Vice Mayor Marlon Luis is a third generation Floridian and a long-time District 4 resident. Luis was elected to the Town Council in March of 2007. He is a successful businessman and a state certified general contractor. He has owned his business for over 32 years. Vice Mayor Luis has a strong business background and believes that government should be fiscally responsible.

Before joining the Town Council, Luis served on the Davie School Advisory Board, Davie Child Safety Task Force, Davie Planning and Zoning Board, and Davie Economic Development Council.

Community Initiatives

Vice Mayor Luis supports growth via economic development, but is active in ensuring that Davie preserves land for the enjoyment of future generations. He is an advocate of public safety, which is reflected in his support for police, fire, and emergency management efforts. The health, safety, and welfare of our residents are paramount in his mind. He is a former auxiliary police officer.

Personal Details

While Luis enjoys various activities, two of his favorite past times are horseback riding and martial arts. He is a horse owner and trail rider. Whenever he gets the opportunity, he can be seen winding his way through Davie’s trails. Luis is a supporter of our trails and open space. He values the quality of life that they provide to our residents. Luis is also a master-ranked martial artist. He has practiced martial arts for over 40 years and states that it instills discipline and balance in its practitioners, very useful traits for an elected official.

Vice Mayor Luis has one daughter, Michelle who graduated from Nova Southeastern University Dental School and is currently a Dentist in Davie.