Bryan Caletka

Bryan Caletka portrait


Bryan Caletka grew up in Texas and holds Master’s degrees in Biology and Population Genetics. After completing a second graduate program at the University of Rochester, he settled into his home in east Davie, Florida.

Bryan wanted to do more for Davie, so he ran for the seat on the Davie Town Council. Bryan was elected to the Davie Town Council in March of 2006 and later became Vice Mayor. Bryan returned to the Davie Town Council in March of 2009, March of 2012, March of 2015 and November 2018.

Work & Community

Bryan has previously performed genetic research on the pediatric HIV Virus and currently holds a faculty position at Davie’s only High School, Western High School. There, Bryan teaches Marine Science Honors, Biology, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, and Genetics Honors. Bryan primarily instructs juniors and seniors and helps them prepare for their next stage of life as productive and proud citizens of the Town Bryan loves so dearly.

Term Details

During Bryan’s first term, he was a voice of prudence for the Town’s budget and Davie’s Fire Assessment tax and since then he has held firm against increases. Davie residents experienced significant tax decreases during his watch as the highest tax rate in Davie was experienced in 2005, and taxes have been lower after Bryan was elected in 2006.

Bryan has had several initiatives to help the Town of Davie. With the blessing of the other Council Members, Bryan in his role as Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chair of the South East Florida Transportation Council, Board Member of the National Association of Regional Councils [representing the States of Florida and Georgia] has been able to bring $16 million in road improvements to the Town of Davie. Bryan has been able to use his knowledge gained from a National League of Cities meeting to refinance Davie’s General Obligation bonds and save over $9 million.

Change is inevitable but should never come at the expense of the quality of life for Davie residents. Bryan knows Davie is the crown jewel of Broward County, and that fact gives flexibility in the Town Council’s decision to approve reasonable projects for Davie’s remaining 15 % undeveloped parcels. Bryan initiated a supermajority [4/5] vote for any increase in intensity or zoning in the Town of Davie. This will help safe guard Davie’s character.

Bryan has an open-door policy for staff and residents. To make an appointment, feel free to call his office.