Social Media Policy

The Town’s social media accounts are not monitored 24/7. To report a crime or if you need police, fire, or EMS assistance dial 911.

Postings made by the Town of Davie are done so with the intention of providing the public with information the Town believes is important or newsworthy, and in certain cases is necessary to release in the interest of public safety. Therefore, the Town of Davie reserves the right to limit posts from members of the public to those which directly relate to our postings and which conform to our guidelines. It is not the intent of the Town of Davie to provide a venue or forum for the expression or postings of unlimited comments, videos, or links simply for the convenience of the public.

The Town of Davie makes reasonable efforts to check all posts for accuracy, veracity, and completeness when posted; however, the Town does not make any guarantees or warrant posting reliability. Postings are made in “good faith” although circumstances may arise that may result in details changing over time, with new information being developed. Should information from a posting change, become stale, or be deemed inaccurate, the Town will make reasonable efforts to update it as soon as possible, upon such discovery.

All content made on a Town of Davie social media page, which includes but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Nextdoor, is subject to disclosure under Florida’s Public Records Act. We urge you to protect your privacy and not list any personal or sensitive information about yourself when commenting on a post.

Commenting Guide

The Town of Davie welcomes comments if they conform to the following guidelines. Comments must not contain any of the following:

  1. 1)  Obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive language/content, or links to such material;
  2. 2)  Threats of any kind, particularly toward any other user or Town of Davie employees, agents, or officials;
  3. 3)  The advocating of criminal acts or other illegal behavior;
  4. 4)  Comments that infringe on copyright or another person’s intellectual property;
  5. 5)  Material that has the potential to compromise public safety or the safety of law
    enforcement or fire rescue personnel;
  6. 6)  Remarks that disparage or discriminate against anyone based upon their sex, race,
    creed, religious views, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc.;
  7. 7)  Remarks that may be considered libel, made toward any person or organization;
  8. 8)  Anything that is clearly off the intended topic of discussion;
  9. 9)  Information that is clearly inaccurate or unverified;
  10. 10)  Campaigning of any type, political or otherwise;
  11. 11)  Language/material that is inappropriate or offensive.

Any comments that violate these guidelines may be removed by the Town of Davie at its sole discretion, and without warning or notice. The Town of Davie also reserves the right to block access to our social media pages to any user who consistently violates these guidelines, without warning or notice.

We understand that some topics may bring about strong feelings from users, but we expect you will exercise good judgment, common courtesy and reasonableness when posting your comments. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

The Town of Davie reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines without notice and when it becomes necessary to do so.