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The Mobility Advancement Program (MAP), funded by the transportation surtax, is the name used to describe all elements of the 30-year project-based plan including transportation, public works, municipal projects, innovation investments, planning, operations, maintenance, and administrative support services used to operationalize the Program.

Broward County voters approved a 30-year, one percent surtax for transportation in November 2018. The sales surtax took effect on January 1, 2019. The first distribution of surtax revenues was received by Broward County from the Department of Revenue in March 2019.

Broward County is home to almost 2 million residents and welcomes more than 13 million visitors annually; about 30 percent of local option sales tax revenues are expected to come from non-County residents.

Did you know that more than 64 households move to Broward each day? With the growing population coupled with flat or declining gas tax revenues used for transit and road projects, additional surtax revenue can leverage up to $3 billion from federal, state and other sources. In addition, as a donor county (your tax dollars don't always stay in your community), we wanted to better access our fair share of state and federal dollars, too.

Fifty percent of the air pollution in Broward is caused by vehicle emissions, and by 2030, Broward’s 60+ population will increase 48 percent, nearly half in the 75+ age group. Our economic vitality depends on our ability to move people, goods and services. But Broward County is built-out which physically constrains the ability to accommodate approximately 235,000 new residents expected by the year 2040, and the desire to enhance the County’s economic base. It also physically and financially limits the ability to increase road capacity through the construction of additional travel lanes for automobiles.

More than 1,100 projects are contained in the Transportation Surtax Plan: 400+ are County roadway and transit improvements and 700+ are municipal-requested.


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