Davie Police Department Statement


The Davie Police Department is committed to the enhancement of the quality of life for the citizens of the Town of Davie. We will partnership through our Community policing and our community, to address problems and fight crime in an environment of trust, professional pride, personal responsibility, integrity, and service.


The Davie Police Department’s service to its citizens is founded on an ideal of respect for the rights of each individual. Department members shall maintain the highest standards of personal integrity and ethics and a sense of community interaction that focuses on solutions to citizen and community problems. Our members recognize that all incidents and issues that may be encountered in the line of duty are to be treated in the spirit and manner that best exemplifies the values of compassion, integrity, thorough attention, resolve, and accountability.


The Davie Police Department exists to serve and protect its citizens. The Department is committed to work in partnership with the citizens for the mutual purpose of promoting safe streets and neighborhoods, creating a community free from the fear of crime, and improving the overall quality of life.