Town of Davie Departments and Divisions

  1. Administration

    It is the responsibility of the Town Administrator’s office to ensure that each department’s objectives reflect and help achieve the Town’s mission and that each department upholds the value-driven purpose that actuate all programs and services provided throughout the Town.

  2. Budget & Finance

    The Finance Department encompasses Utilities Customer Service, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Budgeting, and General Accounting.

  3. Building Division

    The Building Division is dedicated to the expeditious and high quality performance of all of our building related functions while enforcing the Florida Building Code. With an emphasis on customer service and life safety, we ensure that construction work performed in Davie is done in a manner that provides safety and security in both commercial and residential structures .

  4. Code Compliance

    The Code Compliance Division is comprised of code enforcement professionals who strive to assist the residents of Davie in the maintenance of the Town's residential and commercial, agricultural and undeveloped properties.

  5. Community Services

    The Office of Community Development provides a holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization, housing assistance, and community development projects that build or expand infrastructure; upgrade public facilities; upgrade the existing housing stock; expand homeownership opportunities and affordable rental housing; and promote economic development that will enhance the tax base as well as the health, wealth and safety of a geographic designated area.

  6. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Community redevelopment is an economic development strategy which many local governments are currently using successfully to eliminate and prevent conditions of blight in their communities.

  7. Engineering

    The Town's Engineering Division is dedicated to the facilitation of orderly, safe and quality development activities, while promoting the Town’s unique lifestyle.

  8. Fire Rescue

    The Davie Fire Rescue Department is dedicated to the preservation of life, property and homeland security as well as the prevention of fire and other hazards to the community.

  9. Human Resources

    The Department of Human Resources Management is responsible for maintaining a qualified and motivated work force for the Town of Davie by performing job analyses and defining job qualifications, developing and managing employment recruitment programs, testing and selecting employees, hiring, retaining and training Town employees, ensuring Risk Management and Insurance needs are met and providing competitive and total compensation and benefits packages to Town employees.

  10. Information Technology

    The mission of this department is to deliver quality and innovative information technology solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce paperwork, decrease costs, and streamline the flow of information to the citizens, business community, and other government agencies, as well as Town departments.

  1. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts

    Find information about the parks, recreational opportunities and cultural arts available in Davie.

  2. Planning & Zoning

    Provide innovative, practical and cost-effective planning services to the Town, consistent with the comprehensive plan and recognized industry planning standards. Learn more about comprehensive planning, landscape information, zoning maps, and the code of ordinances.

  3. Police

    The Davie Police Department exists to serve and protect its citizens.

  4. Public Works & Capital Projects

    Learn more about the maintenance of public property and facilities, capital projects management, and stormwater management.

  5. Purchasing

    The Town is now using Demandstar by Onvia for distribution of solicitations.

  6. Town Attorney

    The Office of the Town Attorney provides in-house counsel for the Town of Davie.

  7. Town Clerk's Office

    The Office of the Town Clerk influences the direction of the future by setting the quality of government in the present while preserving the past.

  8. Utilities Customer Service

    The Town of Davie provides water and sewer services to a portion of the Town. Other portions of the Town are serviced by other municipalities, such as the City of Sunrise, or by private utility companies. The Contact Listing indicates the telephone numbers for each company/agency. If you do not know what provider services your area, the Town’s Customer Service personnel will be glad to assist you in determining the correct provider to contact. The contact listing also lists telephone numbers for the providers of other types of utility services which are not provided by the Town but which are frequently asked about, such as cable television, trash collection, and electricity services.

  9. Utilities Operations

    The mission of the Utilities Department is to assure present and future generations a sufficient supply of high quality drinking water.