Mounted Unit


The Davie Police Department Mounted Unit consists of six horses and four officers supervised and lead by Sergeant Bishop.

 The members of this unit have been trained for mounted patrol duties and are used to support the Road Patrol Division. These teams complete a rigorous training process. The unit provides police services to the community and their fellow officers which has proven to be invaluable.

The Mounted Unit can be deployed on back streets, alleys, apartment complexes, and other areas. The horse walks at a speed of 3-5 mph which allows for real observation by the officer. Due to the height of the horse and officer, both are visible to the public and the police presence is magnified.

IMG_0103The Mounted Patrol Unit is proficient in crowd management and mounted officers are often deployed in partnership with the Mobile Field Force Unit. Some of the benefits of using the mounted patrol unit in a crowd include enabling an officer to assess a crowd and providing a calming effect on crowds during intense situations.

Beyond their assigned duties, the mounted unit provides popular demonstrations at our schools and at a variety of community and town events throughout the year.

  1. Captain Yensy Thomas

    Special Operations Captain

  1. Lieutenant Bart

    Road Patrol Lieutenant

  1. Sergeant Bishop

    K9 & Mounted Unit Sergeant