Ballot Language Explained

The image below shows the language that will be on the November ballot regarding the Broward County Transportation Surtax Charter Amendment. The Broward Supervisor of Elections provides the ballot language in English, Spanish, and Creole.  

Poster Ballot Language (8.5x11)

Ballot Language:

"To facilitate implementation of surtax-funded improvements to the countywide transportation system, shall the Broward County Charter be amended to provide that County ordinances regulating the development, including zoning, permitting, construction, operation, or administration, of transportation improvement projects that are (1) on County-owned or County-leased property and (2) funded in whole or in part with proceeds from the transportation surtax approved by the County's voters in 2018, prevail over conflicting Municipal ordinances?"

What This Means: 

  • Expenses for transportation improvement projects will be paid with a one percent surtax.
  • Municipalities currently determine the structure and authority of the local government zoning, permitting, construction, architectural, and landscaping standards.
  • Transportation Surtax refers to the one percent surtax to fund transportation improvements, approved by voters in November 2018.
  • If passed, this will allow the county to override local ordinances.

Do you want Broward County to remove your municipality's authority over zoning, permitting, construction, architectural, and landscaping standards? 

Or do you want your municipality to retain authority over zoning, permitting, construction, architectural, and landscaping standards?

How Does This Affect You?

If passed, Amendment Two will allow the County to override local ordinances and expedite the development of transportation projects. These projects can be constructed on county-owned or leased land in your community no matter the existing zoning, or the properties that it borders.

On November 3, 2020, voters will have to decide whether Broward County can bypass local ordinances to build in our community without our permission.

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