Virtual CRA and Town Council Meeting Procedures

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 20-246 by the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis, municipalities may conduct meetings of their governing boards without having a quorum of its members present physically or at any specific location, and utilizing communications media technology such as telephonic or video conferencing, as provided by Section 120.54(5)(b)2, Florida Statutes.

To facilitate public comments, the Town has created three (3) different communication platforms:

Members of the public wishing to submit a comment on an item not listed on the agenda may submit their comments by email to or filling out the online comment form by visiting: Comments may not exceed 400 words.

Members of the public wishing to submit a comment on an item not listed on the agenda may leave a voice message at (954) 797-1071. Voice messages may not exceed three (3) minutes.

ALL comments will become part of the public record.

The CRA and Town Council Meetings can be viewed through the following:

1. Join the meeting by live stream through WebEx Video Communications
(seelink below for WebEx instructional video)
2. Watch Meeting on Comcast Cable Channel 78
3. Watch Meeting on the Town’s Website:

Further Instructions can be found here:WebEx Meeting Instructions

Town Council meeting agenda access at

Participation Etiquette: When submitting comments members of the public are asked to:
·       State name;
·       State address;
·       If commenting on an item on the agenda, state the title of the item;
·       Keep comments to under three minutes.

This is to help preserve the record of the proceedings.  


·       The first thirty (30) minutes of the Town Council meeting are reserved for the “Public Comments.” Speakers will not be limited to the number of topics; however, discussion will not be permitted on any issue on the agenda for public hearing.
·       Item specific comments will be read when that item is being heard.
·       Comments will be accepted until 5:00 pm of the day of the Town Council Meeting.  

All comments submitted will be provided to the Town Council and will made part of the public record.

Any person who is a lobbyist, must register with the Town Clerk and comply with related Town requirements for lobbyists before appearing before the Town Council.

Anyone wishing to appeal any decision made by the Town Council on any matter considered at this meeting may need a verbatim record of the item.  A recoding of this meeting may be requested through the Town Clerk’s Office.

Any persons with disabilities in need of special accommodations to participate inthis meeting should contact the Town Clerk’s Office, 954-797-1023, not laterthan two (2) days before such proceeding. If you are hearing or speechimpaired, please contact the Florida Relay Service by using the followingnumbers:  1-800-955-8770 (voice) or 1-800-955-8771(TDD).

For additional information about this Town Council meeting or any questions abouthow to submit a public comment at the meeting, please contact:

EvelynRoig, Town Clerk
Townof Davie
6591Orange Drive
Davie,FL 33314

(For public comments, please email: