Capital Projects

The Town by Charter establishes a 10-year capital improvement plan to maintain, repair or replace capital infrastructure such as buildings, bridges and roadways.  This plan is reevaluated and adopted each year as conditions such as safety, environmental, legislative, legal and/or funding priorities change requiring modification.

As the Town continues to develop and grow, we have a number of significant capital projects that are in various stages of design, planning or construction.  These projects are integral to the continued high standards of life safety response, community service and preservation of the Town’s rural lifestyle.  

Notable projects include:

  • Fire Station 86
  • Davie Wetlands Park (formerly known as Van Kirk)
  • Governor Leroy Collins Farm Park
  • New Town Hall

For more information on these projects, please click on the individual project located on the left hand side of this page.

Updated February 10, 2020.