Procurement Awards

National Procurement Institute (NPI)

The Town of Davie Procurement Division has been awarded the prestigious Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® (AEP) for 4 consecutive years from the National Procurement Institute, Inc. (NPI).   The AEP Award is earned by public and non-profit agencies that demonstrate a commitment to procurement excellence. This annual program recognizes procurement organizations that embrace Innovation, Professionalism, Productivity, Leadership and e-Procurement.

 The AEP program encourages the development of excellence as well as continued organizational improvement to earn the award annually. 

For 2022, there were 188 successful applicants, including 40 counties, 69 cities, 15 higher-education agencies, 22 school districts, 34 special districts, 5 state agencies and 3 others.

In addition to the National Procurement Institute, Inc. (NPI), the AEP is sponsored by the California Association of Public Procurement Officials (CAPPO), Canadian Public Procurement Council / Conseil canadien des marchés publics (CPPC), Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials (FAPPO), National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP), National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement and Texas Public Purchasing Association (TxPPA). The AEP is supported by the Airport Purchasing Group (APG), OMINA Partners, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) and the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC).


NIGP Agency Accreditation Achievement Award:

The Town of Davie Procurement Division has been awarded the Accreditation for Quality Public Procurement Departments which was formerly known as the OA4 Accreditation through the National Institute for Public Procurement.

Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement (OA4):

The Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement (OA4) by the National Institute for Public Procurement recognizes agencies that lead the public procurement profession through the implementation of best practices and commitment to professional excellence. The program is founded on a self-evaluation process using the NIGP Agency Accreditation Criteria Form.  The criteria form requires agencies to demonstrate through evidential proof that the required best practices have been implemented and are being performed. The criteria is made up of 130 questions and broken into 11 categories ranging from mission and strategies, organization, authority and responsibility, cooperative procurement, planning and scheduling, standards and specifications, professional development, best practices, audit and evaluation, and technology. The Town received credit for 102 out of the 130 questions with a minimum requirement of 100 to qualify for accreditation.

All submissions are reviewed by NIGP staff as well as an accreditation panel made up of nation-wide seasoned procurement professionals. Agencies assessed against these standards and successfully accredited elevate the standard of practice for the procurement profession and realize greater agency credibility and recognition. Agencies meeting the minimum requirements are OA4-accredited for three years.

The Town of Davie is one of two local government agencies in the Broward County area, one of ten in the tri-county area and eighteen total in the state to achieve this recognition. 

The process is very valuable and helps us to improve our policies and processes. Furthermore, this award demonstrates to our internal customers, administration, Councilmembers and residents that we are conducting business with their tax dollars in a manner that is consistent with Best Practices.  In our roles, we are always the “behind the scenes” helping make things happen.  This recognition is important to us as a profession and we will keep moving towards other goals such as department certification through the UPPC and the AEP Award.

Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials: Award of Excellence in Public Procurement:

The Town has also been awarded for the past 6 consecutive years the Award for Excellence in Public Procurement through the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials. The Award for Excellence in Public Procurement and Best Practices Awards Program was established to recognize agencies that meet/exceed benchmarks and best practices in the Procurement Profession.  Each year the Entity Awards Committee reviews the program and revises the application’s criteria to ensure that it reflects the current benchmarks and best practices; and encourages members to keep improving within their organizations/agencies.