Storm Debris Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the Town of Davie’s Storm Debris Removal Process 

They’ve picked up my debris, but now there are leaves and twigs everywhere.
Debris collection contractors use large mechanical equipment to pick up the debris. The equipment will leave some leaves and smaller landscape materials. Your cooperation is helpful in placing these items in your green trash container.

My grass is dead because of the storm debris sitting on it. Will the Town take care of this?
Your grass may experience some “browning” if your hurricane debris sat on your swale for a prolonged period of time and prevented exposure to the sun and water. This is usually a temporary situation that should improve once the debris is removed. However, the Town is not responsible for these types of repairs to your swale.

There is damage to my sod that happened when the equipment picked up my storm debris.
There may also be some incidental damage to the soil/sod when the equipment picks up the storm debris. These types of damages will not be repaired by the Town or the contractor.

Storm debris was collected from some properties on my block, but not others.
This may have occurred for a few reasons:
1) The storm debris had bulk materials (furniture, appliances, etc.) mixed in it. The bulk material needs to be separated from the storm debris.

2) The pile is under power lines, next to trees or other obstacles that make it difficult for the large arms of the grapple trucks. For these piles, a front end loader (or different equipment) will be used to load the debris in the trucks. The piles also need to be placed away from mailboxes, trees or other obstructions.

After the trees on the swale are cut down, what happens to the stumps?
The contractor will collect the trees, and trunks that are out of the ground. If the trunks are too large, they will need to be cut into smaller pieces for the contractor to collect. If stumps are left in the ground, the Town will identify these after the debris is collected and try to grind them down to ground level.

When can we expect bulk items to get picked up?
Waste Management resumed residential bulk waste collection on October 2, 2017.  Based on the ongoing storm debris collection, the bulk waste collection will be limited to indoor bulk waste items (furniture, washers, dryers, toilets, etc). Storm debris (vegetation or outdoor bulk items i.e. fencing, screening, awnings, carports, etc.) will not be picked up. Click here for complete list.

Do we need to hire privately to have the debris removed?
It is an individual’s or HOA’s prerogative to hire a company to remove landscape material. However, should a community determine the need to hire a private contractor, the Town will not be able to obtain reimbursement for the community, and the Town will not be responsible for any costs associated with the debris removal or disposal fees.  Additionally, the debris cannot be dumped in the public right of way for the Town to collect.

Can we put out appliances and electronics? And when will they be in my community?
Appliances, carpeting, furniture, etc. are part of the regular bulk items that are collected. Electronics and hazardous materials are never accepted as bulk items. Bulk pickup resumed October 2 according to the regular bulk pickup schedule.

Where should storm debris be piled?
Storm debris should be placed as close to the street as possible in front of the residential property, without blocking the street or the view of oncoming traffic. Place vegetative debris away from mailboxes, water meters, street signs, light poles, and fire hydrants to allow room for heavy machinery to pick up debris. A separate pile must be made for bulk items.

My wooden privacy fence blew down. Can I put it on the swale for pick-up by hurricane debris removal crew?
Yes, wooden fences are part of storm debris that will be collected. They will be picked up with non-vegetative materials by the debris removal contractor. They will not be collected with bulk.

Will Waste Management pick up the tree debris in front of our yards as part of the monthly bulk pickup? If not, then will we potentially be months without bulk pick up service until the tree debris is gone?
Tree debris are part of storm debris that will not be collected by Waste Management. This will be collected by a contracted hauler for storm debris. Bulk pickup resumed October 2, 2017 according to your regular bulk pickup schedule.

Will the Town be spraying for mosquitos? We have a lot of standing water in some areas.
Mosquito spraying is a service provided by Broward County. The Town has already contacted the County and placed Davie on the County’s “spray list” for mosquitos. To request mosquito spraying, please use the online Mosquito Spray Request Form, or for questions, you may call Broward County at 954-765-4062.

My neighbor’s tree fell on my property and caused damage to my home. What will the Town do about that?
That is a civil matter between the two property owners (you and your neighbor). Contact your homeowner’s insurance company. 

What happens if I do not separate debris?  

Failure to separate your debris may cause a delay in removal of your debris piles. Please note that only loose debris will be collected. Bagged debris should not be placed on the public right-of-way and can be placed in your garbage container.

Who should I call to pick-up my debris?  

There is no need to call the Town to report your debris piles. The Town’s contractors will make multiple passes through neighborhoods. Response to individual requests for debris pile removal will not be possible until contractors have collected the majority of the debris town-wide.

What should I do with household hazardous waste?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) (such as aerosol cans, antifreeze/coolant, batteries, & auto batteries, cleaners, garden chemicals, paints, and pesticides, etc.) should not be placed with debris piles. Placing these types of materials curbside, especially hidden in debris piles, is hazardous to workers and equipment. Residents can safely dispose of household hazardous waste and electronics at the next HHW event on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Shenandoah Parkway.