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2014 Bulk Trash Collection Schedule

The Town of Davie and Waste Management have created new and improved maps and schedules for single-family (curbside) bulk trash collection.

Please note that the date of your collection depends on whether you live in a designated green or gold area, according to the new bulk maps (see links below).

Previously, bulk trash was collected during a one week period, but now each area will have a designated week. Please note that single-family bulk collection is still one day per month. For example, if your collection day has been on one Monday per month, it will continue to be on one Monday per month.

In addition to this notice, Waste Management will be mailing the brochures to single family residences.

Also included in the 2014 Bulk Trash Collection Map and Schedule is the special district schedule (located on the green map) and the Condo/Multifamily schedule (located on both maps).

For questions or concerns please contact Waste Management at 954-974-7500, or contact Gay Moo Young, Town of Davie at 954-797-1045.

Additional Information

When should I put out my bulk items?
You should place your items out in the proper area no earlier than the Saturday prior to the week of bulk pickup.

How often will I have bulk pickup?
Bulk pickup will occur once a month on one of your scheduled garbage days.  Your pickup day will remain the same.  If you are unsure of the day, call Waste Management at 954-974-7500, ask for customer service.

How much can I put out?
You may put out 15 cubic yards per residence. Fifteen cubic yards is approximately the size of a standard car or 15 feet long, by 7 feet wide, by 4 feet deep.

What about yard Waste?

Yard waste does not need to be bundled.

Palm fronds do not need to be cut.
Tree limbs and trunks should not exceed 5 feet in length or 75 lbs in weight.

What If My yard Waste is loose?pileofleaves1.jpgItems such as piles of leaves, small twigs, or other small loose material should be placed in any disposable container. Loose items cannot be picked up by the claw truck. If you are using a plastic bag, make sure it is of sufficient strength that can be safely lifted without breaking.


Can I put glass items out?
shower_doors.jpgFor safety, place glass items in a disposable box, carton, or crate of sufficient strength that may be lifted while containing its contents.
Larger items such as shower doors, glass tabletops, mirrors must be placed separate from normal bulk collection.

If you place items in a garbage can, the can will be thrown out.

Where should I put my bulk?claw truck.jpgBulk items should be placed in a location that facilitates safe collection with an overhead clam truck.

Bulk should not be placed under overhead obstacles such as wires, trees, and building structures, and should be at least 3 feet away from automobiles, mailboxes,  and other objects  that may prohibit the safe collection of materials.

What can I put out for pickup?
Bulk items include but are not limited to:
Furniture, matresses, carpets and other household items
Rock, asphalt, tar, gravel,  roofing materials, and other earthern materials placed in a hard bottom disposable container
Wire and Cable
Large and small appliances
Refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners must have the freon removed by a certified hazardous waste dealer. You can call the company of your choice for freon removal.
Yard Waste (requirements as described above)

What will happen if I put out more than 15 cu.yds.
If you don't want to pay for extra service, do not put out more than 15 cubic yards.

If the pile exceeds 15 cubic yards, only 15 cubic yards will be taken, and the rest will be tagged.
You will have one week to remove the excessive bulk from your swale to avoid a code violation.

To have the excess items removed and avoid a code violation, you may:
        a) Call Waste Management at 954-974-7500, option #5 for a special pickup at $13.07 per cubic yard plus franchise fee for a total of $15.62.
        b) Use your green roll out cart to supplement your disposal needs.
        c) Remove tagged items from the swale and put out with next month's pickup.
        d) Call a landscaping company to remove the remaining yard waste debris.

                bulk.jpgFifteen cubic yards refers to the overall dimensions of bulk on your swale.
To make the most out of your allowable amount , stack everything as neatly and as closely together as possible. (Airspace between items will count towards the 15 cubic yards.)

cb_box.jpgFOR EXAMPLE:                           flat box.jpg
A one cubic yard empty box will count as one cubic yard. If you flatten the box, you will save almost the entire amount.