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Town of Davie, Florida

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Housing Assistance Available to Davie Residents
The Housing and Community Development Office in the Town of Davie, currently administers several housing programs which are designed to:

wexpand affordable rental housing and homeownership opportunities for Davie residents, especially housing for low and very low-income families and individuals.

wupgrade the existing housing stock by providing loans and/or grants to income-eligible homeowners to make home repairs and replace existing substandard/leaking roofs.

wundertake Fair Housing outreach and education campaigns to ensure that Davie residents have the widest range of housing choices available.

wpromote the county-wide strategies and efforts aimed at addressing homelessness, and provide homeless prevention services.

wenhance the quality of life for Davie residents.

Housing is considered affordable when the monthly mortgage payments-including taxes and insurance, do not exceed 30% of the adjusted household income by family size, or for rental housing, rents that do not exceed those limits adjusted for bedroom size published annually by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation as follows.

2007 Rents Adjusted to Number of Bedrooms
1 Bed.
2 Bed.
3 Bed.
4 Bed.

The Town is a recipient of the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Grant Program, and works closely with the Broward County Office of Housing Finance (OHF) and the Office of Community Development, to provide the highest quality of housing services. Broward County administers an “Affordable Housing Trust Fund” on behalf of a “Housing Partnership” that includes the cities of Coral Springs and the Town of Davie. Although Davie falls under the County’s Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP), the Town determines how its share of the SHIP funds are allocated and administered. All housing assistance programs are based on an income-eligibility criteria, based on family size as follows:

         Income Limits Adjusted to Family Size
              2007 Median Income - $58,400
Very Low -50%

The housing assistance funds are secured against the home by a deed restriction.  Every year that the homeowner remains in the home (i.e., does not sell or rent it) the balance of the funds are amortized (reduced) by twenty percent (20%). After five (5) years, the loan is forgiven, and becomes a grant.  During this time, the home must be maintained in good condition.

Purchase Assistance (First-Time Homebuyer) Program - This program is designed to give Davie renters or mobilehome owners an opportunity to purchase a home in Davie. Homeowners may qualify for up to $60,000 down- payment and closing cost assistance, to purchase a home, condominium, townhouse, or villa (by fee-simple title only).The Town does not, however, provide the mortgage financing, but partners with the County and it's Consortium of Lenders.

Housing Rehabilitation (Home Repair) Program - This program provides the financial assistance to make needed home repairs e.g. correct code violations (non-cosmetic improvements) repair or replace leaking roofs, repair plumbing or electrical systems, or bring non-conforming structures up to code. Residents may qualify for up to $40,000 in repairs. Work on the homes is performed under the auspices of the Minority Builders Coalition (MBC); and, licensed sub- contractors perform the actual rehabilitation work.

Barrier-Free Housing – This program is designed to assist elderly (62 years or older) and disabled persons to make housing modifications and retro-fit to remove physical barriers, provide accessibility, and provide for health and safety repairs needed to maintain their independence in the home. Residents may qualify for up to $40,000 in repairs and/or accessibility modifications.

New Construction of Single-Family Homes and Rental Housing -The Town uses its housing grants to leverage other funds, both public and private, to foster the development of new, affordable single-family homes. Generally, vacant  in-fill lots are identified, and partnerships are formed to construct the housing, which is then sold or rented to an income-qualified persons at affordable prices or rents. The Town also seeks to expand affordable housing opportunities for renters who earn up to 60% of the median income, through the construction of new multi-family rental units. The Town has an “Affordable Housing Incentive Plan” which is designed to attract quality developers (both not-for-profit and for-profit) to construct new rental housing.
Housing Counseling Services - Housing counseling and education services are provided to all housing program applicants, using Broward County’s Office of Housing Finance (OHF) Community Homebuyers Workshop and TIPS for Homeowners post-closing workshop. These free workshops cover many topics of interest to  homeowners.  Additional counseling is done by the Housing and Community Development staff, on a case-by-case basis, at no cost to Davie residents.

Fair Housing Education and Outreach - In partnership with Housing Opportunity for Project Excellence (HOPE) a not-for-profit agency who specializes in fair housing education, outreach, and enforcement. The Housing and Community Development Department undertakes fair housing education and outreach initiatives to ensure that Davie residents have the widest range of housing choices available.

Role of Housing and Community Development Department -The Town’s Housing and Community Development staff reviews all proposed policies, procedures, plans, etc., that may impact the development of housing, in order to ensure that such proposed action is consistent with the Town’s adopted Consolidated Plan for Federal Funds, and does not negatively impact housing costs or produce a barrier to affordable housing. The Housing and Community Develop- ment Department seeks to identify any potential impediments to fair housing choices and other impacts on the provision of affordable housing, and remove discriminatory housing practices.

The Department Director also reviews all prospective affordable housing projects to verify their level of benefit and period of affordability, and recommends the waiver of Park and Recreation Impact fees, Building Permit Fees, etc., reductions in parking requirements if warranted, “Affordable Housing Density Bonuses” as applicable, and Deed restrictions or other covenants to ensure that the level and period (length) of affordability are maintained. The Town’s Housing and Community Development Director also guides affordable housing developers through the permitting process; and, affordable housing projects/ initiatives are expedited to a greater degree than all other projects in Davie.

If you think you may be qualified for one of these programs, please call the Housing and Community Development Office at 797-1857 and provide your full name, address, daytime/evening phone numbers, household income, and a description of the program needed.  

You may also apply by visiting the Housing and Community Development Office at 4700 SW 64th Avenue (Davie Road), Suite D, between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  

Housing Voucher Choice (HCVP) Program (formerly known as Section 8).   For information on how to apply for this rental program, please contact one of the six (6) Public Housing Authorities (PHA’s) in Broward County:

·       Broward County Housing Authority (954) 739-1114  Ext. 330

·       Hollywood Housing Authority (954) 989-4691 Ext. 312

·       Dania Beach Housing Authority (954) 920-9662 Ext. 101

·       Deerfield Beach Housing Authority (954) 428-0678 Ext. 12

·       Housing Authority of Ft. Lauderdale (954) 535-6444 Ext. 105

·       Housing Authority of Pompano Beach (954) 785-7200 Ext. 233